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Trademark registered in 1996

Details - LovedOnes Inc. is a Florida Corporation registered in 1999.  The website has been published as a social network for families world wide.
"LovedOnes" received a US federal trademark soon after.  The corporation is free and clear of any debts, except loans by the principle shareholders, which will be paid out of any accepted sale.  Currently the Corporation manages about 100 domains owned by majority shareholders under contract and will be void on sale LovedOnes domain or Corporation.

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Note: is protected by multiple extensions including .net .mobi .biz .org. is managed by LovedOnes Inc. and may be included in the sale if desired. The domain is cross protected by .net .com .info .org .  

Corporate Attorney
Staack & Simms of Clearwater, Florida. 

Jim Staack

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